Site Progress Photos | Up&Up Drone Photography

One of our most common requests from the construction industry is to capture regular site progress updates. In these instances we’ll come back every 4-6 weeks (depending on the build schedule) and take aerial photos from the same positions to help demonstrate the progress that’s been made.

These images are helpful to our clients as they’re easily able to see how the development has progressed and can be used to as proof of works to justify invoices at certain times.

Here’s a look at some site progress photos taken roughly 6 weeks apart for our client A-Line Construction.

We first came to use Up&Up after another cheaper photographer failed to meet our requirements. Chris listened to us and came back quickly with a superior group of photos, that were exactly what we were after. We now have an ongoing relationship with Up&Up and find them to be professional and efficient. Highly recommended.
— Sophie Abercrombie, A-Line Construction