Frequently Asked Questions

To try to make finding what you’re looking for easier, we’ve split this page into a couple sections. Click the links below to be taken to your section and if you can’t find what you’re looking for check the General section or send us an email.

  1. General Questions

  2. Wedding Questions


General Questions:


How much does it cost?

We have a range of pricing options depending on what you’re looking to capture, whether it’s a one off drone photo or a series of commercial marketing videos. Some clients are just after one or two aerial images without any editing, while others are looking for a combination of edited photos and videos to maximise their value for money.

We have pricing indications on each of our Commercial, Weddings & Real Estate pages but it’s best to give us a call or send us an email describing your project and we’ll give you an accurate estimate in no time.


What conditions can you fly in?

As much as we’d love to control the weather, sometimes it can impact our ability to operate. The drones we use handle most wind conditions pretty well so winds would have to very strong for us not to fly. The bigger issue is rain and we cannot fly in any level of precipitation. Both will be assessed by the pilot on arrival and throughout the duration of the shoot.

The operation will only be conducted should the pilot be comfortable with the conditions. This is due to safety and will not be compromised.

Should weather impact a wedding shoot we will do our best to capture what we can and we’ll always bring our ground video camera to supplement. We’ve had very positive results in this circumstance in the past so please feel free to ask for more details if you are concerned.


Do you sort any flight permissions?

In short, yes we do. We’ll work with you to establish where you’re looking to carry out the shoot, raising any areas we feel will need permissions. In most cases the client, vendor or venue are more than happy to give permissions to shoot on their property so it’s public spaces or other private property which be arranged with the right amount of lead time.


Do you travel?

Absolutely! Thankfully our job takes us all over this beautiful country (and hopefully soon, globally). Based in Auckland we’ve travelled around New Zealand for weddings and we charge travel at the standard IRD rate of $0.73/km. Should accommodation be required we pass this cost on without mark-up.


How do you supply your footage?

For photography, we supply two folders of JPEGs. The first is what we call ‘Print Ready’ and are the highest resolution, full size imagery at 300dpi which great for printing in large scale. The second are ‘Web Size’ files which are reduced in size and perfect for emailing or uploading to your website without slowing it down.

For video, we’ll predominantly export at 1080p, but can also shoot and export in 4K if discussed prior to the shoot. Videos are typically exported as .MOV files.

We can supply footage or photos to match your requirements - please let us know prior to quoting as this could effect our costings.


Do you take care of the editing too?

We sure do! In many cases, capturing the photos or video content is actually less than 50% of the time required to complete the job. The real magic comes in how the footage is edited and this is what takes the majority of the time. We use the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Lightroom, Premiere Pro and After Effects to transform what was captured in the camera into the final product.


Wedding Questions:


What wedding services do you offer?

At Up&Up we offer two main services to our wedding couples.

  1. Drone Photography & Videography

  2. Full Wedding Videography

For the Drone Photography & Videography offering, this is a bespoke service which aims to capture truely unique and amazing shots from the air. Couples put a lot of effort into selecting a beautiful venue in this stunning country so by capturing photos and videos by drone we’re able to showcase the couple within this setting in a visually unique way. We’ve specialised in this area for some time so we know the best techniques and are able to capture these within your allocated time for photography working with your existing wedding photographer so we both get what we need. Generally, drone photography & videography packages are for 2-3 hours so are great value for money and mean your photographer doesn’t have to switch equipment and lose valuable time setting this up.

Due to being asked soooo many times, we also offer full wedding video packages. These can be as little or as long as you like but we’ll typically be with you 8-10 hours capturing all the memories of your day - from Team Bride and Team Groom getting ready, the ceremony, formal photos through to speeches and reception. We’ll then transform this into a highlights video which is typically 3-5 minutes long. No body wants to watch the 10+ minute video these days! We don’t normally record audio from the ceremony or speeches as part of these highlights but can do upon request. Our wedding video packages also include our unique ‘Moments’, which are short social-media friendly clips. These are only available with Up&Up and you can read more about them here.

At this time we don’t offer traditional wedding photography. To try and offer this in addition to the services above would be an absolute shambles! Too much equipment to juggle and we prefer to leave this to the many specialised and extremely talented wedding photographers out there. However, if you need some recommendations for wedding photographers we’d be happy to let you know our favourites!


When can we expect our photos or video?

We’re big believers that there is a sweet spot in terms of when to deliver a couples footage. Too soon and the couple haven’t recovered from the complete whirlwind of the wedding day, (or weekend as the case often is!) and too late and enough guest or family footage has surfaced to take some of the shine off the professional work.

That’s quite a long winded way of saying that typically, for photography we’ll supply the edited drone wedding photos within 3 weeks of the wedding. Full wedding videos take much longer to edit so these are most often 4-6 weeks in the making. To tide you over though we’ll have your wedding ‘Moments’ with you within 2 weeks.

If for what ever reason you require your footage more urgently, please just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


Can we get the RAW footage?

We don’t supply the RAW footage as part of our packages. Some people are under the assumption that RAW footage is pretty much the same as the shots that end up in your final wedding video just much more of it and not to music. I can assure you it’s quite a bit messier than that!

Typically for a wedding we’d shoot somewhere between 30-50Gbs of footage, or maybe 4+ hours of video, and I can assure you that you don’t want to go wading through this. Further more, part of what you’re paying for when working with video production company is their experience and expertise when it comes to telling the best story of your wedding day. So please trust that we know what we’re doing and we’re saving you from taking up heaps of space with shaky, ungraded footage that you’ll never watch.

If you’d like to request certain types of shots are captured or have a special significance to you then please mention it up front, prior to filming, and we’ll do our best to capture it and include it.


More FAQs are coming soon (we’ve got plenty!) so if you have a question that’s not answered above please to get in touch and we’ll be able to help quickly.