Courtney & James


I’ve got a confession to make: this might not be an actual wedding gallery. It is however a gallery of an engagement shoot that the adorable Courtney & James won as part of a competition we ran on Auckland Weddings. Picked at random this couple were a dream to work with - super flexible when it came to weather not playing its part and were totally natural when it came to shooting. The location is a secret little spot around Beach Haven where I often take my dog for a walk and then one day realised how perfect a spot it is for this type of photography.

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Engagement shoots are a great way for couples to get used to being in front of the camera and comfortable with a photographer. They’re also great for the photographer who may be looking to try several different styles to see what works for the couple - hence the range of shots below.

It can definitely be awkward the first time someone asks you to kiss your significant other whilst clicking away on a camera but it’s all worth it in the end. My advice is just to turn up relaxed and trust in what the photographer is asking you to do. Try your best to forget they are even there and leave the magic to them. T

After a bit of back and forth trying to find the right weather and low tide conditions to make some of these shots possible we managed to make it work and it was well worth the wait. In the end Up&Up supplied over 45 edited photos for the guys to choose from for their wedding invitations and we hope to see them again for the wedding in 2019. Seriously, call me.

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Chris was super easy to work with and our experience from booking in through to finishing up the shoot itself was comfortable and stress-free. Communication was always easy and we appreciated Chris’s flexibility. The album we received is full of unique shots that you wouldn’t get with a regular photographer - and it’s amazing how incredible the landscape looks from all the different angles and heights Chris can achieve. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to add something unique to their wedding, or to anyone who is getting married in an especially lovely or sentimental location, as Chris will really be able to showcase the landscape beautifully.
— Courtney Fong - Dec 2018
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