Amie & Dave


A wedding doesn’t always have to be a big, stressful and expensive event. Amie and Dave wanted a simple ceremony at a spot they had fallen in love with during their international travels. This elopement style wedding had a total wedding party of just 6 people and took place at the unbelievably gorgeous Delamore Lodge on Waiheke Island. Bathed in sunlight with a backdrop to die for Up&Up captured drone photography as well as shooting their wedding video.

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Auckland’s Waiheke Island is always an special place to shoot a wedding. There’s so many beautiful vineyards to visit, little bays and secret spots that make for a very special day. Amie was probably one of the most relaxed brides we’ve worked with, having only booked us a couple weeks prior to the actual wedding! Plans were fairly loose at that time so with the help of Waiheke based photographer Sonja Reed from Trilby & Lace we were able to shape up a great plan for her big day.

On this occasion we delivered 70 high quality photos, one 3 minute wedding video and 12 ‘moments’. To find out more about our moments check them out here.

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Top 10 day with Chris and his magic flying machines. What could have been stressful was relaxing, easy and fun. We instantly felt like we knew him and it was very easy to mix our ideas with his craft. He introduced us to our photographer (Sonja) and they worked so well together. After many phone calls and bad weather predicted Chris was so reassuring and enthusiastic that it would all work out. His ability to adapt to our forever changing ideas and his professionalism leading up to the event left me confident and at peace. Thanks again for your patience and amazing work capturing our special day!!! :)
— Amie Abston - Nov 2018
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